We, Grow Greens, an urban indoor farmer, provide fresh Microgreens grown in rich organic conditions, using high quality non GMO open pollinated, non treated, non hybrid seeds, to provide you with a farm fresh nutrient dense greens that will boost your immunity to live a healthy life. By the way, what are Microgreens? !!!!!

Well on reading the term Micro greens, brows are naturally raised. Our Forefathers have never introduced us to the food system called Micro Greens. It was first introduced in 1980s in San Francisco by some Chefs to enhance the attractiveness and taste of the food. The “Rainbow Mix” which was then used consisted of Arugula, Basil, Beets, Kale and Cilantro. However, later when the Scientists across the world started to publish their studies on the nutritional value of the Micro Greens, it started its travel beyond San Francisco and today to your doorsteps through us.

Micro Greens are harvested just after the cotyledon leaves (first pair of leaves after germination) have developed. They are young vegetable greens that are approximately 1-3 inches tall. They fall between sprouts and baby vegetable greens and only their stems and leaves are considered edible. They are wealthy in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper. They are also great source of vitamin, mineral and antioxidants, which are upto 40 times higher than those recorded for more mature leaves.

During this lockdown period lot of health conscious people experienced the goodness of Microgreens by making it at home using the grains (like Mung Beans, Bengal Gram, Corriander, Fenugreek etc) which we already had in our kitchen, They used tissue paper or newspaper as the grow medium. After the harvest, they cooked the greens and ate it. Actually is that the way to cultivate and consume the world’s most natural “Super food”? Will that give you enough nutrients from so called super food? Anyway, we should appreciate the fact that everyone understood the importance of living life healthy.

You will know the answer of the above questions, once you gone through this

Microgreens is not a very easy plant to grow, because lot of factors depends on their healthy nutritional growth. It starts from the selection of seeds, the growing environment, temperature, humidity, ventilation, growing medium, selections of growing trays and water, what not, the list continues....

We, grow greens, well manage all the above mentioned conditions professionally for a healthy nutrient green.

Lot many are still in doubt that, how to consume the microgreens? Answer is simple.. you can eat raw. Put it in salads, soups, eat along with burgers, smoothies,juices, pizzas, what not, you can put it in Dosa, Idly, Sambar, Chicken curry, fried rice, pulav, the list never ends.. make sure you do not over cook the greens, as it loses its nutrients.

Hope by now you have an idea about the super food.. you will get more informations about the nutrients contained in Microgreens in the products page.

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